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March 12, 1981 ~ March 5, 2004

Adam was senselessly killed by a negligent & reckless drunk driver.

Adam is forever loved and missed by his parents, his daughter, his brother, niece & nephew, aunts, uncles, cousins, & many friends. 
We Love & Miss You Everyday, Adam, and we know you always watch over us.

Merry Christmas in Heaven



Their memories live on.....these precious ones,
Why so many taken.....our daughters and sons;
Children should be here past their parents time,
It's just not natural to skip a blood line.
Star after star after star they came.....
Heavenly Lights displays each precious name.
Each Angel is a story, a family forever changed.
As we read each child's after name.
Children so young.....missed so sadly will be,
Their memories will continue on.....for all to see.
Shattered lives, futures changed, a puzzle incomplete,
The meaning of life.....these parents now seek.
Their stories all told, and memories held dear.....
Our children are spending Christmas in Heaven this year.
God brings comfort and strength and has plenty to share,
The burdens will be eased with His loving care.
Please hold us all close Father.....let us feel your love,
Take care of all the children up in Heaven above.
Send each parents love to their Angel in the sky,
Until we are reunited in Heaven.....and can understand why?


Our days are not the same without YOU!!

Though its been years now,
since you were taken away,
The memories are still strong
And I wish you were here today.
I can't see nor touch you,
so I know you're not physically here,
but I've still got the past,
and in my heart you're always near.
I used to wake up at night,
screaming aloud and calling your name,
I just really needed you,
because of all my hurt and fear.
If I could see you one last time,
you know what I would do -
hug and hold you tightly,
and say, son, I LOVE YOU!!

~♥~ When you are walking and you've got me on your mind. Remember I am walking in your footsteps only half a step behind. And when it's time for you to go, from that body to be free. Remember you will not be alone, you are coming home to me.

I heard someone whisper your name, and realized that it was my heart telling me that I miss you.

Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night.

The room you once lived in
Doesn't look the same.
The people who used to call you
Never mention your name
The truck you used to drive
They may not make anymore;
And all the things you treasured
Are boxed behind closed doors.
The clothes you set the trends by
Are surely out of date.
The people you owed money to
Have wiped away the slate.
Things have changed and changed
Since you went away.
But some things remain the same
Each and every day.
Like the aching in my heart-
A scar that just won't heal.
Or the way a special song
Can change the way I feel.
Brother, you must know that the music
Bonds us and will keep us close;
Because secretly I know in my heart
It's the music you miss the most.
So let the world keep turning,
Time can take its toll.
As long as the music is playing
You'll be dancing in my soul.



TEN years ago, you were tragically & senselessly
taken from your family and friends.
TEN years without seeing your smiling face and
hearing your beautiful voice.
TEN years without having you here to hug.
We think of you every second of every day,
And have lived TEN LONG YEARS with broken hearts.
We cherish our wonderful memories of you,
and those can NEVER be taken away!


Adam's Angel Dog - Toby


The Day You Left Us

The night before you left us,
I remember....we had fun.
We had some laughs, talked alot,
And visited with our son.
And on the day you left us,
You were here like every day,
That time was so memorable
You were our sunshine ray.
It was raining the night you left us,
As we came home from work that day,
One phone call would change our lives forever,
All we could do was cry and pray.
On the day you were taken from us,
We stood gazing into space,
This can't be really happening,
It's too unbearable to face.
On the tragic night you left us,
And every minute of every day since then,
We'll always
love and we miss you.
 Waiting for the day we'll embrace again.


Adam & his new daughter, Madilyn 12-10-03  

Madilyn was only 3 months old when her daddy was killed by a careless drunk driver. Now, she's in 2nd grade and turned 11 years old in December. She says her daddy is an Angel in Heaven and he watches over her.  Adam has already missed a lot of important events in his daughter's life, with more that he'll not be here physically for. But, with pictures, videos and all our memories, we'll help her know how special her daddy was. He is ALWAYS in our heart!

Adam and Jared


Suddenly you're the only child, how difficult that must be.
Collectively, you were "The Boys", it was always you and me. 
And though you grew together, you were different as night and day.
Somehow you managed to get along, both in your work and play.
Don't push away those memories, hold them closely to your heart,
Then a piece of him will be with you, I believe the finest part.
Remember that he loved you, and didn't want to let you down.
He admired you, looked up to you, and liked when you were around.
Brothers you once were, and brothers you'll always be.
Please love him, and forgive him, to set his spirit free.



Adam is in Heaven with his three (miscarried) siblings, his Grandparents Patsy (Nanny) & Lloyd (Pap) Robinson, and Wanda (MaMa) & Gerald (PaPa) Hill, Great Grandparents Al & Ruth Archer and (Grammie) Blanche Plymire, baby cousins Dustin Robinson and Isaac Snyder, plus several great Aunts & Uncles. Adam also has with him, several ponies, horses and dogs, especially his beloved dogs, Toby, Hunter & Rio. 


Dear God,
May all the tears I cry, and all the tears I have not cried but hold within, pour forth into Your hands. Please take each painful thought and unhealed wound, and send your angels here to me.   I long for peace.   Amen

Missing both our Moms!!

(Nanny & MaMa)


We miss you more than words can say,
And look for signs from you everyday,
Like a floating feather or yellow rose,
A shiny new penny or vibrant rainbows,

So when we see your precious gifts,
You've sent us from Heaven above,
We know that you're sending us,
Your everlasting and eternal love!

Adam - Christmas 2001

Memories In My Heart

Memories are within my heart,
Of your sweet and smiling face,
There will never be another,
That could ever take your place.
Always ready to lend a hand,
Even for those you didn't know,
There was love for those around you,
That in your eyes did show. 
We remember the words and things you did,
When someone was in need.
We knew that we could count on you,
In that we all agreed.
You've now completed your journey home,
And are like a bird that's free.
I'll look forward to that joyful day,
When again you'll be with me.
I can feel your sweet presence still,
Even though you're in Heaven above.
Forever you will remain in my heart,


There is music in the ocean,
If we take the time to hear,
And the symphony of raindrops,
Makes our troubles disappear.
There is music in the forest,
As the wind is passing through,
And feathered friends are singing,
In a chorus just for you.
There is music in each season,
As it comes from Heaven's door,
Where God is always listening,
It's your song, He's waiting for.

We miss your music & your beautiful voice Adam!

Adam ~ Forever Twenty-Two

You were only twenty-two, 
When an angel you became, 
Living forever in our memories, 
Our lives won't ever be the same. 
It's like our world stopped turning, 
And our time is standing still, 
You're always in our thoughts, 
But, we cannot change God's will. 
We cherish the special memories, 
Of the twenty-two years we had with you, 
But, we know you're in Heaven now, 
And we look forward to being there too. 
Our hearts are completely broken, 
And life is so empty without you, 
But, we know you'll always be, 
Adam, our loving son......forever twenty-two.

Dearest son, precious first born child 
Parents glowing with pride, as you smiled 
A special blessing from the day you were born 
One tragic evening their hearts begin to mourn 
All your love, caring, and compassion never ends 
Precious memories shared with family and friends. 
Gentle memories, like all the times you said... 
"What are we going to do now, Dad?" 
Or the times you sang your favorite song... 
"The Yellow Rose of Texas" all day long, 
And the sweet, sweet sound of "Love Ya, Bye" 
These precious memories make us smile or cry. 
Oh what they would give to feel your tender touch 
Your grieving family love and miss you so very much 
Through the mixture of sadness, laughter, and tears 
They wanted more time than the few blessed years 
The search for peace and comfort has hardly begun 
Your mother and father have lost their first born son. 

Written by Diane Craddock -
Angel JJ & Angel Michele

 especially for Craig and Melody Hill
 "In Loving Memory of their son, Adam Hill"  

We keep Yellow Roses at your grave. 

In a quiet country cemetary,
Where the gentle breezes blow,
Lies our son we love so dearly,
He died eight years ago.
His resting place we visit,
Placing yellow roses there with care,
But no one knows our heartache,
When we turn to leave them there.
Though his smile is gone forever,
And his hands we cannot touch,
Still, we have so many memories,
Of the son we loved so much.
His memory is our keepsake,
With which we'll never part,
God has Adam in His keeping,
We have him forever in our hearts.


Dear Adam.......
On the day God took you, I thought that I would die.
I wondered where the time went? I asked a lot of whys??
With people all around me, I felt alone inside,
From all their words of comfort, I couldn't seem to hide.
I thought I might be dreaming, that I'd wake and find you here,
I thought "This can't be happening," as I wiped another tear.
On the day that you were laid to rest, my heart broke yet again,
I wondered if the pain would end, but mostly, I wondered when??
It's hard to be without you, at times the days seem long,
Sometimes I just sit crying, when there's really nothing wrong.
I wish we'd had more time, before your life was done.
I hope you're resting peacefully, my precious firstborn Son.


Where The Ponies Play 

There is a place in Heaven, 
Where noble ponies play. 
They run in sunlit meadows, 
Graze fields of golden hay. 

Some have pulled a farmers plow, 
Some a childhood friend. 
Some took the weary soldier home, 
At the battles end. 

To thee Dear Lord, I do pray, 
That when you call me home. 
Take me to that special place, 
So I can watch them roam. 

Written by Donna Fitzgerald -
Angel Christopher







I want to live and love again, why did I have to die?
A drunken man chose to drive, and ripped me from my life.
I was my parents oldest son, and the one that was called brother,
I was a loving husband too, and father to my daughter.

My dad needs me to help him out, with the ventures we started together,
Now he struggles to follow our dreams, because I'm no longer there.
I hate to see my mom so sad, she just isn't the same person,
I appreciate all she did for me, she taught me all of life's lessons.

I supported my younger brother, and taught him how to play the guitar.
Music was always in our hearts, leaving him was so very hard.
I want to raise my daughter now. and be there to watch her grow.
I want to feel some pride in her, and teach her all I know.

I want to play with my grandchildren, the ones I'll never get to see.
I had so many dreams to fulfill, all this was taken away from me.
I miss all my special friends, aunts, uncles and cousins too.
We had wonderful times together, but the memories were way too few.

I know my family's hearts are broken, and they cry for me everyday.
I hate to see them in so much pain, wish I could take their sorrow away.
I had so many dreams and plans, there's so much I've yet to do.
But that chance was stolen from me, when I was taken from all of you.

If you look deep within your heart, you know that's where I'll be.
I'm watching over you in Heaven, and will wait for you all in eternity


Angel created by Pam - Angel Jonathon (2006)


Lighting a candle for a beloved one who has gone on ahead is an ancient, healing ritual for those who remain behind. The eternal, flickering flame of our candles is a reminder that we will forever be united in our love for our angels. The warm light our loved one's candle provides, lets us know that their spirit lives on in our hearts forever and always.

Christmas ornament by Pam - Angel Jonathon (2007)

  Never be sad for what is over, just be glad it was once yours.
When in my heart I feel a tug, maybe it's just an Angel hug.



God must have known there would be times, 
We'd need a word of cheer,
Someone to praise a triumph, 
Or brush away a tear. 
He must have known we'd need to share, 
The joy of "little things",
In order to appreciate, 
The happiness life brings. 
I think he knew our troubled hearts, 
Would sometimes throb with pain, 
At trials and misfortunes, 
Or some goals we can't attain. 
He knew we'd need the comfort, 
Of an understanding heart, 
To give us strength and courage, 
To make a fresh, new start. 
He knew we'd need companionship, 
so God answered the heart's great need, 
With CHERISHED you..

Celebration Of Life - For All Angels

May you always have an angel by your side, Watching out for you, Helping you believe in brighter days and in dreams come true, Giving you comfort and courage, Someone to catch you if you fall, Inspiring smiles, Holding your hand and helping you through it all. May you always have an angel by your side.


I would like to thank my Dear Friend, 
Beth Dickerson
Angel Jimmy)
for sponsoring this memorial site for Adam. 

Thank you for visiting Adam's site made with LOVE.
It means so much to us if you light a candle in his memory or leave a tribute.
We appreciate all your love, support, and prayers.
Adam was so loving and kind, and attracted so many wonderful friends! We called him a "People Magnet".

We will ALWAYS love and miss him with ALL our hearts!
Until we're together again Adam......we'll look for you in our dreams.

Please visit Adam's other memory site at: 

Angel Adam's Page



           Mothers hold their children's hands for just a little while.....But their hearts forever! 

    We Love & Miss You Everyday, Adam, and life just isn't the same.  But, we know we'll see you again someday buddy.  Until then....Wait for us!  XOXO

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Fond Memories of Adam   / Mary Archer (Aunt)
I remember Adam as a happy young man, always enjoying life and family. He especially loved his pony and was always playing the guitar and singing.
I came to this site today to light a candle in honor of my grandson, cody randall fisher. Cody like your son was killed by a drunk driver. just out of curiosity I clicked on Adams name and began to read his story. I could not believe that I had never...  Continue >>
Always remembered   / Trista Bertke And Family (Friends)
Adam you will never be forgotten. You were always my inspiration in 4h and showing horses... I always wanted to show looked you did(very well) you were always giving me pointers. You and Greg grew up together and I've heard so many stories about you ...  Continue >>
Adam  / Jade Smith
This is such a beautiful page<3  
Thinking of you this cold winter's day in Pa!   / Angela -. Daughter To Angel LindaTaylor
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His legacy
Adam's Life  
   Adam was always an energetic little boy and had to be doing something all the time. He instantly loved all animals and always had a dog and pony for his very own. Adam rode his pony in all the local parades with his dad and joined 4-H when he was 9 years old. Adam became quite an accomplished horseman. He was always winning ribbons and trophies.
   Adam also played baseball and soccer when he was old enough. He could be tempermental at times, but his generous, loving personality always made up for it when he would get frustrated at not being the best he could be at whatever he tried.
   Adam also loved country music, since he came from a musical family. He always had toy guitars, but his Great-Grandma Archer gave him his first real guitar, because she knew his Great-Grandpa had always wanted Adam to have a real one and play like he did. Adam treasured that guitar and thought of his Great-Grandpa Archer in Heaven whenever he played it. Adam had a beautiful voice and would love singing for everyone. He sang and played the guitar everyday and we always looked forward to him entertaining us. We miss it terribly now. We are blessed to have many memories of Adam, and it's those memories that either make us smile, laugh, cry, or break our hearts.
   Adam was three 1/2 years old when his little brother, Jared, was born. He loved being the "big brother" to Jared. He taught Jared how to play the guitar, just like his cousin, Rod, had taught him. Adam was always so proud of how great Jared could play and he bragged about him all the time.
   Adam married Celenna on August 25, 2001, and they had a baby girl, Madilyn Marie on December 10, 2003. Madilyn was only 3 months old when her daddy was taken from her. He has missed her first words, first steps, and too many other firsts that he shouldn't have had to. Madilyn is such a cutie and so amazingly smart. She is almost 4 yrs old now, and knows her daddy is an angel in heaven that watches over her. We will make sure she knows how special her daddy was to all of us.
   Adam loved his family so much and was dedicated to all of us and to his friends. We always called him a "people magnet", because everyone was so drawn to him. Almost 1,000 people came to pay their respects to him and all of us when he died. Such an outpouring of love that we will always remember. 
   Nothing can ever heal the pain of losing Adam, but it's his wonderful memories that keep us going. Plus the fact that we know he's waiting for us and we'll see him again someday.

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